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Welcome To The house of amanda

COVID-19: due to the nationwide pandemic (COVID-19); the House of Amanda LLC has found it necessary to adhere to the CDC rules and regulations when training individuals for First-Aid, CPR, AED, Blood-borne pathogens or BLS certification or re-certifications. The House of Amanda is offering "blended classes" which will provide our participants with half of the classroom normally required. This means, that a portion of the training will be administered via video/virtual training and the final portion of the class will be with an individual demonstrating his or her skills in the classroom setting.  The House of Amanda requires individual temperature checks prior to class, and it is mandatory to wear a mask to protect oneself and others. The class size will not exceed over 10 participants per class with 6 feet of  social distance between participants.

The House of Amanda will adhere to the precautionary measures for the health and safety reasons for us all.

Mission: We at the House of Amanda LLC believe that people and lives should be everyone's business. If we all work together as people to alleviate hurt and pain at times of disasters we can conquer anything and everything.   

Welcome to our house, which will shortly become your house for those who care to "be prepared." Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to define life-saving measures for those facing disaster and life-threatening situations. Come join us and learn life-saving techniques at the House of will be glad that you did!



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