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Are We Moving Backwards in History Instead of Moving Forward??

Well, we have made history by stepping backwards in history. I am sure you have heard by now of the Turn-over with the Roe vs. Wade case. All I want to know is...

How do you step back 50 years instead of moving forward? We are supposed to be in the business of helping those who can't

help themselves, the saving lives business; like what the USA is doing for "Ukraine." Helping people experiencing natural disasters,

and those disaster's that are not so natural. For instance, we should not believe in taking lives, but there are times when it may be

necessary. Now I know you are saying to yourself, when might that be? When a woman is trying to have a baby and the baby did

not settle in a woman's wound, or a woman or teen is rapped, or molested, do I need to go by way of the court system instead of

dealing with it with my physician. In other words, there may be a lot of reasons that a woman may have to do things that she may

not want to do, but that is none of anyone's business but her, her physician, and God. Everyone else should mind their



Now if you want to save lives do something about the gun laws so that the children that already exist can be here to experience

life and see what it is like to make it to adulthood. For instance, the kids that got up one day just to go to school to learn. Their

parents had no idea that today, or that day, would be the last day that they would see their babies alive. Yes, I am talking about

Uvalde Texas, and for that matter the schools that have come before Uvalde.  Shouldn't our judges and government be making

the decision of how to save the lives of those that are here right now. Isn't that a form of abortion when our children go to school

thinking that they are going to learn and see their teachers and friends, but instead they are killed before lunch break. They are

aborted as though they didn't matter in the first place.