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The Best Opportunity Of a Life Time

There is no better feeling than feeling needed by others to make a positive and profound difference in their lives. I had my first opportunity as a Red Cross contractor to teach a group of ladies that go out into the field daily to make a difference. These ladies work with individual's that suffer from mental illness. My first interaction with them as an instructor was awesome, and the reason that it was so awesome is that together we can all make a difference. It's like one plus one equals two, or together we stand and united we fall. Long story short...we are all getting prepared to be a clam voice in times of disasters.   

Are You Ready??

“The Changing Times”

It has become apparent that the times are changing in such a way that there is a change in the weather, the time when it becomes daylight, and dark. When you look at the news it is always something that will grab your attention that doesn’t always make sense, such as thunderstorms in the winter when it is 20 below zero, or for that matter receiving 10 and 20 inches of snow in the summer months. Either way that you look at it; there is a change, and it is one that we cannot explain.

Just as you see people make a run for the grocery store when they hear news about bad weather coming in their direction (implying they aren’t prepared), you see people run when a disaster happens or freeze during a tragedy (because they aren’t prepared). One thing is sure…before things get better, they will get worse. 

With all that said, we must be prepared for tragedies whether they come in the form of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or in the form of human mishaps that can easily be defined as a loss of life. The primary purpose of the House of Amanda is to assist individuals to recognize and respond appropriately to tragedies such as cardiac, breathing, and first aid emergencies.

It is always best to be prepared for emergencies, don’t wait until the storm comes to try and get to the store to buy the boat. It’s too late then, you might drown trying to get there. Be READY!





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